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Supa Powered Smart Sports Bra with AI

Lately we have been coming across a lot of prototypes and designs for smart sports bra like it is almost taking a toll and flooding the innovative wearables. Supa Powered smart sports bra is one among them. Supa is a newly born NYC based artificial intelligence and smart clothing startup.

The bra alone costs $120. The $60 Supa Reactor Module is a must for the user to start training with the heart rate. This Supa Reactor module attaches to the smart fabric. With an inclusion of $30 Supa Powered Strap the bra comes with various neon colours and funky lettering and a wide range of styles.

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The rounded Supa Reactor has a built in heart rate monitor. The reactor is 1.44″ in diameter with a weight of 9.4g. You take the reactor out while washing the smart sports bra. The reactor is water resistant and can be connected to the smartphone via the bluetooth. The workouts are then monitored and viewed through the Supa Smart AI app available in the store.

The bra is made up of 95% polyester and 5% lycra and you can easily wash it in the machine. The Supa Powered Bra comes in small, medium and large sizes.

The bra has not yet made to the market with a “coming soon” tag written on the website, however, one can pre-order it here.

Sabine Seymour, a fashion tech expert is the brains behind Supa Tech. She is also planning to use her biometric sensors and AI to detect the UV levels.

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