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Styr Labs Will Turn Fitness Tracking Into Nutritional Supplements


Staying fit and active doesn’t mean that you have to work out throughout the day long. It means that you have to eat well as well as work well throughout the day. Shedding some weight here and there or straining yourself in the gym won’t do well if you are not eating right. Styr Labs believes that it may be able to help you with this situation.

Styr Labs has found a new way to add nutrition to the fitness tracking with its recent platform. The new system includes connected devices along with your own nutritional supplements. The company has designed its own fitness tracker which will track the body data as well as body composition data. There is also a wireless scale to deliver multivitamin and protein blends, which are sent out to your home.

The data collected with the device can be used to validate from or cross-referenced with a database of more than 250,000 scientific studies. The purpose of the database and the studies is to create nutritional recommendations that are specifically tailored for the users as per their needs.

A good bad by the product from Styr Labs is that the supplements are made in the USA from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. They can easily be dissolved in water and juice without any certain stench. What’s more is that they can be modified for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free and Paleo followers. The compatible app can be used to set up deliveries and as your data adjusts, so will the recommended supplements.

Coming to the Styr Activity Tracker, it is capable of monitoring all the data and sent it to you. It can monitor steps taken, distance covered and calories burned etc. The device is a wristband as well as it can be also clipped to the belt. The wireless scale can capture weight, fat percentage, muscle mass and water content readings. The touch screen display also helps in feeding off the data easily. The wearable will be able to help athletes and sports professionals easily as it may help them in training well as well as staying fit.

The best part about this activity and nutrition tracking system is that it also supports different types of fitness apps as well as other trackers like Jawbone and Fitbit etc. The multivitamin starter kit which includes the activity band and 15 vitamin packets for $68 along with a protein starter kit, which includes the wireless scale and 2 protein packets for $78 are available for order.

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