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StrikeTec Wearable Sensor Trains Boxers With Ease And Professionalism!


Boxing is one of the most followed sports around the world. While, the sport is fun to play you need to be professional in it in order to avoid any injuries. Elliot Fight Dynamics’ wearable ensures that your boxing skills grow strongly than ever. The StrikeTec Sensor which was launched a long time ago has still not lost its essence.

The wearable is used by a number of boxers, kickboxers, MMA Athletes and fitness and gym enthusiasts around the world. StrikeTec Sensor shows the progress and tracks the data of the user within no time. The wearable help the boxers train, efficiently.

StrikeTec Wearable Sensor Trains Boxers With Ease And Professionalism!StrikeTek Sensor lets the user know details like speed with which the punch was thrown, the force of the punch and the total number of punches thrown in a single practice. The data would be sent to the connected Smartphone app in real-time. What’s most significant is that the sensor doesn’t promise to make you fit in a day of use. The StrikeTek sensor will progress along the use. The wearable allows the user to determine if they are improving or not or if their technique is better than before or not. The improvement can be gauged with the help of the rotation of punches thrown.

The sensor is very small and has a width and length of 18nm with 7mm height. It can easily be attached to the wristband of the user or you can also order the band from the company too. The data is collected from these sensors and sent towards the StrikeTec Boxing Training App via Bluetooth, where users can keep track of their stats and maximize their routines.

StrikeTec Wearable Sensor Trains Boxers With Ease And Professionalism!
The range of StrikeTec wearables for boxers!

The website defines the goals of StrikeTek as;

Our goal with Striketec is simple: your personal progress! Whether it be sparring in the gym, bag training, or hitting the mitts with your trainer, Striketec is tracking you every step of the way. Break down your training sessions into Daily/Weekly/Monthly comparisons sorted in the apps calendar.

The data is easily stored in the app and can also be synced with the cloud for future reviews. You can order and know more about the sensor and the other technologies by the company from here.


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