Stridalyzer Trains You To Run Like A Pro!


Running is almost a part of our everyday lives. It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or not, all it takes is some spirit and passion for outdoing fitness. However, no matter how absurd it may sound but you can develop bad habits with intense running. Like, pressurizing one foot over the other or not running with proper leg pace. Stridalyzer by RetiSense means to solve these problems.

Stridalyzer smart insoles are meant to present you with the sensor data you have been missing all along or were never getting accurately even if using some device. It analyzes your stride, strides length and consults you with more efficient and accurate methods of locomotion. In short, Stridalyzer lets you learn the proper running form so you may ace in your exercises and workouts.

Stridalyzer Trains You To Run Like A Pro!

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The smart insole fits inside your shoes and measures the pressure exerted by the foot on the insole, with the help of a number of sensors. This way, the device develops a complete moving image of your stride. For example, if you start persistently overpronating, or if your foot strikes pattern changes, you will get a visual as well as an audio alert. This way you can keep your eyes on the trail and still get the information or advice that’s relevant to you

The sensors embedded in the insoles measure impact and pressure experienced in the foot and knees and sends the user real-time audio and visual alerts to avoid potential injury from the way they run. Get real-time stress maps for your feet and knees!

Stridalyzer Trains You To Run Like A Pro!

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If you are trying to build up your pace or find the optimal rhythm for your next marathon, Stridalyzer helps you monitor and track the three fundamental performance parameters: Stride Rate, Stride Length and the most elusive – Ground Contact Time. Using our patent-pending technology, we can measure ground contact time extremely accurately!

All the running data is collected by Stridalyzer and is presented to you with the help of connected Smartphone app. Get personalized recommendations on how to stay injury free, and improve your form and performance.

Stridalyzer Trains You To Run Like A Pro!

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Stridalyzer insole is available for $159 and can be ordered from here. The advanced and the pro version of the insole and other runner equipment have also been released by RetiSense. The Smart insoles are your fair bet in running and athletic performance improvement. It’s not every day that you get such devices which honestly want to help you improve!