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Storelli’s Super-grip SpeedGrip Socks Providing Perfect Traction For All Athletes.


The SpeedGrip Socks, a latest innovation is a massive leap for athletes to improve sense of speed, power and control.

Made with a light, thin and moisture-absorbing premium fabric, the SpeedGrip Socks provides 90% better grip than a typical insole. This specially designed fabric which adheres to both inside and outside of the sock, is laser cut in key positions so that the foot has direct contact with the grip where it needs it most, resulting in better contact and control with the shoe.

SpeedGrip Socks are optimized to reduce the errors of slipping and sliding hence giving more control and energy. The special tests carried out revealed that the SpeedGrip Socks can provide upto135% more grip against skin, delivers 70% more grip than a normal sock. It is found to be more efficient in terms of energy storage and make an athlete feel explosive while 70% of athletes tested said they felt faster when wearing SpeedGrip Socks.

At Storelli, the makers believe that Foot traction equals power – every time you sprint, stop, turn, jump, run – all of this depends on the quality of traction in your footwear. The SpeedGrip Socks are designed in a way that they have laser cut-out holes into socks in specific positions such as ball of foot, heel of foot to make sure the contact is direct and firm along with the unique material of socks bonded with heated pressure technology. 

SpeedGrip Socks are for athletes of all levels who want to up their performance and get that extra edge needed to improve their game. The added energy, comfort and firmness is all you need for ideally all sports and for better traction in basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, cycling, skateboarding, hiking and more – anywhere you’d like to perform with better grip, sharper reactions and more precise speed.

Currently it is available as a part of kickstarter project from $29 on wards, with estimated shipping from January 2018.


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