Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Steel HR: The Smart Watch that Takes Care of Your Pulse

Steel HR is a wearable heart rate monitor that monitors your heart beat through the day. Its futuristic feature like long battery life, smart wake-up, water resistance and activity tracking put it above any wearable pulse monitor in today’s market.

A genuine wearable heart rate monitor

You can easily look at your heart rate during work outs and evaluate your comprehensive performance with an in-app personalized report which delivers complete information about heart beat and the time it has spent on each zone of heart rates


Monitor your heart throughout the day

Overall health can be judged by the heart rate with ease. Steel HR turns on automatically every time you run, as needed, and monitors your body throughout the day and gives your heart’s comprehensive outlook for all times whether you are resting, playing or working.


24/7 Activity Tracking and Recognition

Steel HR automatically identifies the state of your motion whether you are walking, running, swimming or even sleeping as it is a smart action tracker. Then it coveys detailed reports to the smartphone it is connected to.

And Steel HR can now easily identify table tennis, dancing, volleyball and a number of other new activities. To learn how easily this identification can be, take a record of your activities with Health Mate and in no time Steel HR will recognize and follow every single one of your movements.

Punctual and Aware

Steel HR has an elegant and stylish looking screen that informs you about everything from your steps to your distance covered. Alarm time and the number of calories burned are also visible on the screen.

In addition to all this, The screen adds to the correspondence with phone calls, texts and even the event notifications as well. It also has a vibrating alarm which helps you to get out of bed in time so that you could manage all your commitments.

Long battery life

Steel HR is equipped with an efficient battery that can last up to 25 days.


Steel HR can endure water up to the depth of 50m. Tracking your heart rate while swimming is a solved problem with Steel HR now.

Smart Wake-Up

Smart Wake-up wakes you up at the lightest stage of sleep cycle with a silent alarm. All you have to do is to set a time period before the alarm time and the silent alarm will go off at optimal time of that sleep cycle of yours so that you can have a healthy sleep.

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