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Stealth Performance Communication wants to eliminate miscommunication in Sports and ignite Fan Experience using Wearables

49ersChargers2SPCStealth Performance Communication, recently named one of HYPE Innovation foundation’s “TOP 50” most innovative sports technology startup is promising to bring proprietary technology that is unlike anything on the market.

With simple, user-friendly interface that provides individuals with the ability to carry out complex game strategies; while directly eliminating miscommunication and ability for opposing team to intercept vital game information.

Imagine every Quarterback (QB) & Middle Linebackers (MLB) in the NFL having the ability to run their offense like Peyton Manning, or having their defense being directed by such a star player as Ray Lewis?

While the focus is on eliminating miscommunication, it will also accelerate the learning curve between levels of play, and ignite “Fan Experience” through the clever use of wearables.

The company plans to use a system that is protected by military grade encryption while maintaining traditional play. The product will increase competitiveness and substantial impact on the marketability of the players. This could mean greater revenues for the team and possibly more WINS!

Ali Yaqoob
Passionate about transforming data into science!

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