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STATsports Makes Performance Stats Accessible For The Masses.

STATsports have recently launched a game-changing wearable for the masses. They have pioneered a soccer tracking wearable called the APEX athlete series that will allow amateurs atheletes to use the same technology that is used by the pros.

This device is worn as a vest and positioned between the shoulder blades during training and matches. It helps measures and analyze physical metrics of players that helps quanitfy measurements such distance, speed, fatigue and injury risk.

According to STATsports chief commercial officer, Sean O’Connor, “Using the same technology relied upon to drive peak performance by the best athletes and teams in the world, the Apex Athlete device is a powerful new tool for players with an eye to compete at their highest level,”
He also added, “Never before has an individual player had the ability to monitor and measure their performance with tangible datapoints, developing important individual benchmarks along the way. This data can be used to compare performance benchmarks by position with national standards, as well as those of top National Collegiate Athletic Association players,”

STATsports is a Northern Irish Company that was founded by Mr O’Connor and Alan Clarke in 2007. Since then they have turned into a major supplier of technology to a number of European Soccer Club including Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona and many others.

The company’s devices are also used by Irish Rugby Football Union as well as teams playing across American Hockey, football, baseball and GAA.

STATsports also recently signed a contract to supply its monitoring devices to Brazilian National Football Squad after they successfully managed to convince them to leave their Australian competitiors, Catapult Sports.

STATsports have also secured a 5 year contract with US Soccer Federation which makes this company a force to be reckoned with in the elite sports wearable market.
The STATSports APEX Athlete Series retails for €279.99. Its available for purchase worldwide at

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