Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Starva brings back Support for Connectivity with Bluetooth Powered Heart Rate Trackers

Starva has once again introduced the functionality to use Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors alongside its Smartphone application. The feature was removed by the company just nearly a year ago. ANT+ connectivity support was also removed along with it.

According to Starva, relevant work was done with the help of community as the solution was found in last few months. This feature was causing the Starva smartphone application to crash, which was due to the issue with legacy code. According to details, direct pairing with device having BLE/ANT+ being supported by legacy code caused this issue and became the reason for the application to crash.

After looking into it and working on a solution, Starva has relaunched the feature for both its premium users, as well as regular users. This allows them both to once again connect their external heart rate monitors with Bluetooth connectivity to be connected to the application.

Starva released a full statement thanking its users for their feedback and testing beta versions. It announced the news of reintroduction of this feature, while communicating the fact that the problems faced earlier have been taken care of with the help of community.

“Thanks to feedback and beta testing from the community, we’ve restored Bluetooth functionality in the app for heart rate monitors, while resolving prior issues that caused the app to crash. All athletes can now pair a BLE heart rate sensor straight to their phone and track their heart rate in real time during a workout – no watch or cycling computer necessary. Use it to keep your runs and rides in the right training zones, analyze your efforts post-workout, and for subscribers, gain valuable insight into your performance with heart rate metrics like Fitness and Relative Effort.” Stated Starva officially.

“Our plan is to first roll out heart rate monitors with BLE pairing to ensure it’s working as intended before we look at expanding to power / cadence meters,” said Strava’s spokesperson. “We don’t have a hard timeline but if our rollout of BLE pairing works as planned, you can expect power / cadence meter support to be recording devices that we would look at to support in the future.”  He added.

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