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Star Trek-esque Tricorder Unveiled at CES 2020

MedWand is a medical devices launched at CES 2020 and it is one of the closest things we have developed until now to Star Trek’s famous Tricorder. This devices is a medical scanner that combines stethoscope, electrocardiogram, thermometer and more in very small and portable device.

Trekkies already obviously know about a Medical Tricorder. It is portable device is hit sci-fi franchise of Star Trek. This devices serves the purpose of diagnosing and healing different medical conditions. Its three functions are computing, recording and sensing.

Scanadu had an aspiration behind developing such a device for quite some time now. It rose to popularity with the release of Scout, a device which served the purpose of monitoring blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate. FDA failed to issue approval to the startup thus forcing it to the shut down the product support. Few years on now, we have been introduced with another product which is called MedWand. This device monitors hear rate, body temperature, rate of respiration, takes down ECG, Measures level of oxygen in blood, examines skin and looks inside mouth, nose and throat.

“I wanted to create something that was literally portable, hand-held and could be at home with the patient or at work with the patient,” said Dr. Samir Qamar. “That is how I think it is going to advance telemedicine in that you’ll now be able to have examinations in addition to just basic video chat.” Dr. Qamar is the Chief Executive Officer at MedWand.

The goal of this product is to enable the doctors to examine a patient from anywhere in the world remotely. This most recent edition of product achieves 75% or three fourth of the progress you can have in a visit by a doctor. The device will be available for purchase starting from summer of 2020 and it is expected to cost around $399.

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