Saturday, July 24, 2021

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SPRY Drone Capturing High Quality Underwater Sports Videos

Swellpro, a startup based on Shenzen, has developed a drone which is capable of not only flying but also floating and swimming swiftly. This waterproof drone can record videos at an impressive 4K quality in all three mediums. A modernized streamlined build cuts down most of the turbulence, shaking and drag. Motors with special coats make it a perfect tool to use in severe aquatic environments.

This drone carries a waterproof design with a ventilator hatch that averts the water from entering the airframe. While the design of the lid also bars any water present on the frame of the device from making its way into the frame with open lid. Heat sinks made up of Aluminum make sure that the drone stays cool by exhausting heat from the wrapped frame.

SPRY movies swiftly in air because of its very well thought design. But this doesn’t end there as it is just as swift when it floats on water with briskness of a boat. It’s speed can reach an impressive 70 kilometers per hour mark which is roughly equal to 44 miles per hour.

A 4K camera captures all the action both above and below water in high quality. This camera has been enclosed in a watertight dome made of polycarbonate engineered optically. The device is designed perfectly avoiding any issues regarding footage including the glare or the fisheye alteration underwater.

A 30fps Point of View video from the drone with 60mbps bit rate can be viewed on the remote of the device from a view screen present on it. SPRY carries a sensor that not only detect objects in its path but also follows them around and even orbits them if needed to. This drone is truly a futuristic piece of technology which will take a huge step forward in the coverage of water sports.

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