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Sports World Becoming Smarter With The Launch Of Insole Wearables-By Adidas


Adidas in collaboration with Google has created a wearable, which can be used to determine a soccer players’ statistical data. When placed in the sole of the players’ boot it can not only detect the speed of the player but also the distance covered by the player and the intensity with which they kick the soccer ball. Moreover it can also determine how vigorously the player has collided with the other player and can even record the acceleration of the players. This amazing technology will not only impact the world of sports but will also improve the functioning of video games like FIFA.

Jog your memory to the sports film Moneyball– the tale of Billy Beane, who assembled a team of those baseball players who were underestimated in the market. He carried out an empirical analysis of his players which is similar to the approach launched by Google and Adidas. Billy Beane in one of his recent interview said that this sort of technology, that is used to monitor a player’s health and fitness can bring a revolution in the professional sports industry. Such an analysis of players has been extensively used earlier as well. Analytics companies like Opta consistently come up with large quantities of data from all sports events happening in soccer, cricket, ice hockey, rugby, golf, baseball, or basketball. This data is shared with the media- print and online, sponsors, and also with the betting industry. Opta data is used for the analysis of professional performance.

For more than a few years, Driblab, an organization that works with soccer directors, coaches and agents has been conducting advanced statistical analyses through the data obtained by soccer players for the assessment of the performance of players and detection of talent. It provides a players’ statistics based on various variables to recommend clubs on the transfers of players. It also helps to assess their performance by comparing it with their opponent players performing in a similar position and provide guidance in the upcoming matches. Driblab provides these facilities to media, representation agencies and federations, etc. This estimation of a player’s performance can be helpful to the player to recognize his area of improvement.

These newly launched wearables can bring a revolution in such type of analysis. The placement of these wearables in the soles can enormously improve the analytical study of the performance of soccer players and hence provide benefit to organisations that interpret the statistical data of players. Despite being frequently used in soccer training, up till now only a few companies have accepted the usage of wearables generously. This technology is going through constant examination until the appearance of its new elements.

Statistical analysis is used for almost everything in the world and now it’s being used in sports too for various purposes. It seems that with the emergence of this wearable the sports industry will become smarter as it is going to provide with the performance data of soccer players.