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Sports Wearables Provide “Advance Analytics” To Elite Athletes And All..


The Wearables have already adjusted successfully in the professional and other levels of the sports world. Every level of sports and athletic competitions are highly affected by them. From sports technology and wearable production companies to fitness companies like the famous Garmin and Fitbit, the player tracking and the desire to track performance is completing saturating the global sports market.

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The wearable manufacturing companies ranging from consumer athletics to elite athletes tech production are both integrating into this fast paced world. This is why a recent industry report has stated that predicts the global wearable market would be valued at $44.2BN by 2021.

As seen with many other technology trends in sports, it now seems that the wearable injury protection technology, player tracking technology and other similar concepts are infusing into the professional level first and then accommodates into the normal players’ and other consumers’ life. Thus, it seems that like all the other choices people and middle-level players prefer the choices of elite players for the usage in their daily life.

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One of the big names which made it possible to extract the tracking technology into the lives of the players is Catapult Sports, based out of Australia. Adir Shiffman, Executive Chairman of Catapult recently discussed in a video regarding the usage of wearable technology and its implementations on the life of elite players. He also discussed how this tech is benefiting and impacting the methods different team use to train their athletes and even how fans are engaged. In the end, he also discussed the actual technology behind the Catapult player tracking systems.

If you are interested in hearing what advancements wearable technology has made into the life of the elite players’ and its implications on the professional teams, suit yourselves to the attached video.


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