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Sports Wearable Companies in CES 2016

ces2016With hundreds of exhibits showcasing their product in CES 2016, it is very easy for one to miss out on some important exhibitions. To help our readers, we have listed down sports wearable companies that will have their presence in CES 2016 and will share/announce their latest wearable devices.

4iiii Innovations Inc:

The company develops technologies that improve sports performance and make the athlete’s world safer. Their products increase awareness and provide an uninterrupted and real-time flow of data needed to set a personal best or achieve a podium position.

Atlas Wearable:

Atlas measures your work out. Atlas have built a machine learning algorithms that can intelligently detect and track exercises in 3D effortlessly.

Brain SRL:

The company is developing the first smart telemetry for extreme and action sports that would allow tracking every single detail of the session, analyse your performance and share the adrenaline.


A smart sole that fits in most shoes and let you track actual steps, warm your feet, check burned calories, send alerts, measure posture and recharge automatically by converting feet movement into energy. It will help reduce injuries for both casual and professional athletes.

Del Rey International:

Del Rey International created its brand “Babaali”. It provides wearable products for cycling sports.

Fibrux Oy:

The company have developed Mpower strength training wearable so that people can understand what’s happening in their muscles when they train.

FirstBeat Technologies:

Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytic for elite sports teams, wellness professionals and millions of consumers.

Fit Life:

Company develops world-class technology for physical activity monitoring and activity analysis proven in clinical trials and offers personalized exercise program based on American College of Sports Medicine.


Self-Flying drone that lets you create aerial footage hands-free. This product could be used for broadcasting sports.


A world leader in smart clothing for sports performance, prevention, personal health, health research and medicine. We have already featured a detail article on Hexoskin here.


Company that recently have launched smart skier Airbag approved by the International Ski Federation and used by Ski racers.


The company have developed a revolutionary, wearable, peer-to-peer voice communication system designed for action sports.

Kiwi Wearable Technology:

Advance motion recognition engine that works with any motion sensor to help make products like gym exercise wrist bad and smart hockey stick. It learns and adopt to the unique motion of individual user.


Motus is a leader in bio-mechanical analysis for sports performance. They have created technologies that help athletes, and trainers prevent injury & improve performance.


PIQ built a multi-sport sensor on a platform that delivers real-time analytic of various sports such as tennis. We have discussed their product in detail here and here.


Startup focused on sports sensors give out accurate measurements, which allows athletes to understand their performance.


Inventor of first wireless heart rate monitor but recent focus is on wearable devices such as A360 heart rate monitor sensor that could help athletes and players across the board.

ReGear Life Sciences:

The company manufactures FDA cleared, therapeutic deep heating solution that helps athletes accelerate the healing process and relieving pain associated to injuries.


ShotTracker aims to improve the performance of competitive athletes who participate in team sports such as basketball via a wearable device. Golden Warriors are already using Shottracker during practice session.


This company is a pioneer in wearable sports technology and is revolutionizing training with innovative, multi-sensor and high-speed full-body motion analysis. They recently worked on a wearable called PIVOT for tennis.


The company is considered the most accurate wearable bio-metric sensors for measuring continuous heart rate and other bio-metrics during exercise.


A device that measures jumping statistics for athletes. We have already featured a detail article on Vert here.


Xensr builds wearable sensors for extreme sports with the ability to capture acceleration, orientation, air pressure and 3D location data.

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