This Sports Technology Will Help Paralympic Athletes Train For The Big Event


Rio Olympics 2016 is just days away. And, after the much-awaited event of the year, the Paralympics games will pull off. The event is for all those athletes and players who have some problem physically but have the power to compete better than any other player in the world.

After just a few weeks, The Paralympics will be scheduled in the same venue as that of the Rio. The athletes will showcase their skills and will earn gold medals for their countries. However, the training that is going everywhere around the world has some obstacles for these players. They need proper training equipment which will prepare them for the sports event coming soon.

The athletes who run with wheelchair need to have some device which provides them with surety that nothing bad will happen. This is why BAE Systems and UK Sports Technology have partnered and created an indoor training system. The system allows the wheelchair racers to workout properly and trains indoors without the struggle of going outside. The machine is called a WATT, Wheelchair Athlete Test, and Training system. WATT, as mentioned, will help the athletes train like they train outside.

This Sports Technology Will Help Paralympic Athletes Train For The Big Event

WATT has an easily adjustable frame along with two electric motors. The motors help in creating the proper resistance for the wheels. It has a BAE Systems’ bespoke software. The software is customizable and will help all the athletes. The software can simulate courses from all over the world, working with both the screen to visualize the course and the brakes to create the resistance in the course.

Henry White, BAE Systems UK Spot Technology Partnership Lead, stated:

 “The new WATT System is a ground-breaking advancement in wheelchair racing, and a product that we’re proud to be able to off athletes.”

Apart from training, the athletes can record their performance and can compare it to the others. Other data that can be tracked and received is the speed of athletes and the power or strength behind their pushing of the pedals. The system has the capability to enhance more and more for better training perspectives. The Paralympics will be confident and more establish this year if this sports technology is used.

The system can be easily viewed at the Farnborough International Airshow.