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Sports Technology Awards Praises Sports Wearables Including STATsports And Jabra


The Sports Technology Awards which were happening at London just finalized a day ago. No doubt, the wearable tech managed to sweep away all the major tech awards which are a testament that Sports wearables are really the demand of time. The event has proved that wearables are the tech of the future.

It must be noted that the Sports Technology Awards were aimed to motivate the sports businesses and the fan dealing with it. The awards weren’t specifically about the advent of Sports Wearable tech in the sports world. However, the highlight still fell on the some major wearables which have changed the way we associate sports nowadays.

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Coming to the awards, STATsports which needs no introduction managed to grab “The Best Wearable Award”. The reason for the provision of the award to the company was mentioned to be its effortless performance in professional and athletic sports. What’s more is that STATsports is the most favorite tracker for a number of teams. The big names and the customers of the famed tracker include Manchester United and the Washington Wizards basketball team.

The judges’ report for the best wearable award stated;

“The STATSports wearable is impressive for offering an extraordinary amount of data to athletes and coaches and delivering that data extremely fast. The implications being that coach can monitor their athletes more closely and that athlete can maximize their training whilst the minimizing risk of injury.”

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Apart from STATsports, Jabra also got praise for its sports technology in the form of “Best Kit Or Apparel Category’. The report stated the reason to be its swift accessibility and appeal to athletes and runners of all age groups and descriptions in the sports sector.

Finally, the trending VR also received an acclaim and accolade too. The 360-degree video up close with New Zealand’s infamous Haka was also awarded for blending tradition and emerging technologies to bring fans a point of view they may never experience.


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