Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Sports Tech Tokyo takes its World Demo Day to San Francisco

The industry of sports, just like any other industry, is experiencing a lot of influence of technology upon its self. Innovations are dropping down too fast and keeping up with the trends of the market have become somewhat of a challenge. A big chunk of this industry is getting to know things as it progresses. Due to this, a lot of disorganisation show up at the birth of any startup and even during its growth.

Sports Tech Tokyo is putting a lot of effort in changing the game and rewriting how all the reward is reaped. Sports Tech Tokyo is attempting to achieve all that by training the new startups in building their concepts into reality which would benefit the entire industry of sports technology.

“Much like our general startup cohort, our 12 finalists are a diverse representation of the sports tech space –– from seed to Series B, seven countries and numerous industry areas of focus — this group truly embodies the global spirit of SPORTS TECH TOKYO.” Said Michael Proman, the Managing Director at Sports Tech Tokyo.

“Part of what we like to do with Sports Tech Tokyo is work with a wide range of companies in our cohort and look for opportunity for these companies within Asia, which I feel is very under served,” Proman stated “During this process in choosing companies for our demo day, we often don’t choose the best 12 companies on paper, but the companies that our investors and stakeholders believe have the best opportunity to make a true business impact in these regions, based on their business solution they are trying to provide. We have specialists in a wide range of areas that can lend expertise for how a number of how these companies will look to grow and operate.”

“Tech investment in the field of sports has been growing globally but with major sporting events coming to Asia, it’s an opportune time for corporations from Japan and beyond to reinvigorate the industry worldwide,”Fumihiko Nakajima said in a statement, “Our 12 finalists, hailing from seven different countries, are a perfect representation of the global spirit of the program and the opportunities the world stands to benefit from through global collaboration.” Fumihiko is the Senior Director and Program Owner at Sports Tech Tokyo

Sports Tech Tokyo is going to celebrate its first birthday in less than two months and we can already observe all the difference they had made in the industry of Sports Technology already. 2020 Olympics are just around the corner and we are sure all the startups being nurtured by Sports Tech Tokyo will have a big hand to play in them.

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