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Sports Summit is the event for “Digital Innovation for a Wearable Future”

Sports Summit is the event for “Digital Innovation for a Wearable Future”

Wearables are pitching high towards success. Apparently, CES 2016 was ruled by wearable tech too. The sales are soaring high. Sports wearables are one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of this tech.

This is the reason that Sports Summit has been designed by “The Innovation Enterprise” with the aim to introduce and promote “Digital Innovation for a Wearable Future”. The event is scheduled for February 23–24 at Park Hyatt, Melbourne. The summit has aimed to gather all the experts and leaders of the wearable technology, into one platform.

The entire problems and the issues relevant to the wearable technology in sports will be discussed at this groundbreaking summit. The event is expected to bring together various wearable topics which are discussed without any proper platform. The topics on which there will be panel discussion and individual discussion includes;

  • Design and User Experience
  • Innovation in Next-Generation Wearables
  • The 2.0 Athlete
  • The Power of Crowd-Sourced Health Data
  • New Players in the Fitness Game
  • Developing Sports-Specific Wearable Tech

There will be numerous prominent personalities who will be discussing the above mentioned issues. Some of the well-known are;

There will be different panel discussions and events which will indulge the attendees in different topics of wearable tech. The summit is expected to enlighten us with different ways through which digital innovation is gulping the wearable technologies.

The maestros of the tech world and other big names are supporting the event. If you are interested to attend the event, register today.

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