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Sports-Science Wearable Technology “Precision-SSS” up on Kickstarter


The Precision-Sports Science System or SSS is the new high-end and next-gen Electronic Performance and Tracking System (EPTS). The new system is worthy of completely gauging and measuring the biological and mechanical exhaustion and the ebbing of performance of the person wearing the device.

The new fitness related smart-wearable is developed by European Space Agency (ESA). The device utilizes the high positional meticulous GPS tracking from the same institute. It also consists of top notch inertial and body movement sensors.

There are three main uses of this new entry to the smart world;

  • To prevent,
  • To perform, and
  • To prepare

The device also has a partner to go with. The new partner technology is named as PrecisionNET.

PrecisionNET is the company’s endeavor in Sports Science Support & Analytics Service. This service is provided to all players, athletes, clubs, and teams that benefits from the Precision-SSS. PrecisionNET is built up on two major aspects; Machine-Learning A.I. and Sports Science Support Team.

PrecisionNET is a completely automated and machine learning experience. It is specifically designed to build a “Predictive Injury & Performance Model”. The mentioned task will be achieved by gathering the data and information received from its users. The data will then be added into a bigger sample size. The sample size allows identifying much faster and paced trends than currently available methods. The result data would then be compared to fulfill the wants of players.


PrecisionNET is the core principle and derivative of Sports Science. The new technology is being pushed around the globe for all the players who can benefit from it on different levels.

The Precision-SSS is also more than just a fitness measuring technology. It is also a wearable based upon Sports Science. Sports Science is building and leading the complete next generation of fitness devices.

The Precision-SSS (along with PrecisionNET) will not only provide user with an explanatory and descriptive data but it also makes the data and information easy to predict. The device will predict prior what kind of response their body is going to provide them and will prescribe them what a users should do in the mentioned conditions.

The company is active in making the data real quick and effective. The company believes in everlasting functionality which will give you bouts of excitement every time you gauge yourself with precision through PrecisionSSS.

The athletes and players can be satisfied using this top-notch tech. However, the device is in its stages of development and need some financial help. The Precision-SSS has launched its kickstarter campaign to help earn your approval along with money.

The goal of the project is £40,500. The money raised will be used in production costs and the last date of the campaign closure is December 13, 2015.

Those who liked the idea can help to bring it reality. The orders will be delivered to the generous donors between December 2015 and March 2016.

You can completely view the kickstarter campaign here.

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