Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Sports Organizations Around the World Face Privacy Threats Amidst Sports Technology Boom

Sports and fitness technology in general and specifically wearables technology have shown exponential growth in past few years. The integration these technologies have shown in different sports leagues and brands have is very impressive, all things considered. National Football League, for example, has started inserting small sensors in attires of its athletes to track and analyze their motions and movements.

The use of these new technologies has raised a number of new, never seen before issues and concerns which were not even considered once. All levels of professional as well as amateur sports have seen a large fusion of technology from wearables to high tech motion sensors and trackers. Sports leagues and tournaments around the world now can monitor, track and save a lot of data off its athletes. This data may not necessarily be entirely related to sports. For example, this data may even include very sensitive and delicate information about the health, identity, whereabouts and other personal material about the athlete. This kind of information is always at the risk of being exposed and used against the individual by different foul means. Sports organizations with access to this kind of data and information have a huge responsibility on their shoulders to properly regulate this data fairly and not let it fall in wrong hands.

Without any doubt, the development in science and technology has brought a lot to the table and sports and gaming industry have benefited just as much as any other industry from it if not more. This development in technology has left the law lagging behind and we have been seeing examples of his over and over again. Number of cyber crimes like identity theft, misuse of information, scams and a lot more have been regulated by the law. Organizations which access and store personal information of the athletes must structure themselves to work in accordance with these laws by creating foolproof systems to protect data.

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