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Special Sportsmasks Unveiled For Athletes By Under Armour


Special Sportsmasks has been unveiled for athletes by Under Armour. With the help of this sportsmask, athletes can now practice and exercise in groups in gyms or playgrounds. Amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, these sportsmasks will be really useful. Successfully launched, this design of the sportsmask has been approved by the US Environment Agency.

The Under Armour began manufacturing its special Sportsmask, shortly after lockdown lifted up in mid of March, 2020. Previously, it was making simple masks. But a need for something protective for sportsmen was felt.

Designed by the UA Innovation Team, these sportsmasks are unique in design and material. According to Kyle Blakely, the Vice President of Materials Innovation at Under Armour, “We knew our athletes would need us to come with a solution to aid their return to training, one that would put health and safety first and adhere to current CDC guidelines”

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Made of a breathable material, the special Sportsmasks unveiled for athletes by Under Armour are specifically designed for exercise

There are three different layers of each of the UA Sportsmask, which are:

⦁ Closest to the mouth, is the first layer called the UA ISO-CHILL. It provides cooling effect to to the skin. The presence of an anti-microbial technology PROTX2 at this layer minimises bacterial growth.

⦁ The second layer is the open cell foam. It lets air pass through but neither moisture nor sweat.

⦁ A soft fabric, the third layer creates a smoother airflow to and from the nose and mouth.

Reusable, the UA Sportsmask can be held at place with two stretchy ear loops. Priced at only $30 each, these are available in four different sizes. Luckily, the first batch of UA sportsmasks was sold out within an hour of its launch.




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