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Special Eyewear Wearable For Table Tennis Player in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Mzutani eyewear wearable

An Osaka-based company and the manufacturer of this eyewear wearable, Yamamoto Kogaku Co., claims that Mizutani himself had come for a customized design for glasses that would reduce the glare from indoor LED lights. The company designed and built the glasses successfully. It made use of advanced technology that could adjust the wavelength of light. Also, the lenses it developed had the capability to ”clearly reflect the object the wearer wants to focus on while reducing glare.”

Specially made with the frame at the bottom, Mizutani’s sunglasses are designed to keep the centre of gravity lower at all times so they shake less. This design was initially made for long-distance runners, but it is now improved upon to accommodate other sports as well.

On social media, especially Twitter, Mizutani’s eyewear tech became a trend. Fans loved the design and shape of the glasses as well as appreciated how well they fit on his face. The designer company is more than glad to have helped a gold-medalist player correct his vision whilst his performance.

This Special Eyewear Wearable For Table Tennis can come in handy on various occasions. It has applications in various other sports as well like snooker and archery where the vision of the player needs to be accurate for the best performance.


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