SOWATCH- The World’s First Self-Sufficient Smartwatch for Health And Sports


There are some wearables which do not need an introduction and SOWATCH is one of them. It is the world’s first autonomous smartwatch that tracks cardiovascular health, blood pressure and customizes your workouts!

SOWATCH focuses on keeping the users, especially athletes, fit and guide them with training on weight loss, hypothermia, sleep disorders, and a lot more. Apart from keeping a check on your fitness, it is a complete sport-watch which allows you to track your sport activity, motivate you to do more exercises, and lets you compare your performances with your friends.

SOWATCH- The World's First Self-Sufficient Smartwatch for Health And Sports

This is not it! SOWATCH alerts your physician and family in case of emergency. All in all, it is a first Smartwatch that has integrated health tracking, fitness checking, and sports activity measurement all into one.

SOWATCH intends to keep its users in the best physical; internal and external; shape. That is why it has included Blood Pressure, Heart Activity Tracking, Over training alert , Dehydration, and the ability to solve the users troubles into one package.

The combination of the oxygen saturation level in the blood, sleep status and the volume of your training program, used by the wearables’ algorithms helps you avoid over training and muscular/tendon injuries and also optimize recovery.

SOWATCH- The World's First Self-Sufficient Smartwatch for Health And Sports

It has a pedometer which powers up the users to complete their recommended, around 10,000, steps per day and stay fit. The users can also choose their own fitting levels and programs to follow and workout on. What’s more is that this sports wearable allows you to customize your very own activities and workouts with the help of experts.

SOWATCH is best for the athletes gearing up for some big sports tournament or Olympics. It is their best shot towards the win.

SOWATCH- The World's First Self-Sufficient Smartwatch for Health And Sports

The SOWATCH can last until 10 days; before recharging the battery! It uses GPS only if you turn it on during your workout, so you can save a lot of juice! The sports and activity watch has already smashed its Kickstarter record with $222,603 out of $100,000 goal and has proved to be one of the most successful crowdfunding campaign of all time. You can pledge one for yourself too for just $105, unfortunately, the limited $99 offer is over. The delivery is expected to start by March 2017.