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Sony VR Headset Xperia View Features, Price & Availability

Here, you will get to know about the Sony VR Headset Xperia View Features, Price & Availability details. The newly released Sony Xperia View VR Headset can be connected to Xperia 1 II and Xperia 1 III smartphones.

Sony is well known for its reputable gadgets in the market, and for years it has established a respectable name in the international markets. It makes all efforts to come up with the latest innovative design and features embedded in the most modern of devices to impress its massive consumer base.

Sony VR Headset Xperia View IN A GLANCE

  • Not a stand alone set can be used with compatible smartphones by Sony itself
  • Available in grey color
  • Offers 120 degrees of horizontal view
  • Can decode 8K video data and 360-degree video
  • Support for BT.2020 colour gamut and 10-bit input

Recently unveiled by Sony, the new Xperia View VR Headset was announced alongside the Sony Xperia Pro-I smartphone. Only compatible with its corresponding Sony devices, this headset has offers 120 degrees of horizontal vision to support the 6.5 inches display of Xperia smartphones.

Sony Xperia View VR Headset That Pairs With Xperia 1 II, Xperia 1 III Smartphones Launched

Xperia View VR Price & Availability

According to a safe estimate, the Sony headset will be priced at around JPY 30,000. The audio device will be available in Sony retail stores from October 2021 onwards. The actual selling price may vary from retailer to retailer. Sony has yet to share any further details regarding the availability of gadgets in various parts of the world, like the South Asian nations.

sony Xperia VR headset

Sony VR Headset Xperia View Features

The new Xperia View VR headset has a wide viewing angle to ensure compatibility with the 21:9 display aspect ratio of Xperia smartphones. According to Sony, users of its Xperia 1-series smartphones can use 5G to download the content of around 8K at high speed and view it on the VR headset. The headset has a high-definition 4K organic electroluminescent (EL) display with HDR support. Also, the Xperia View offers playback with lesser afterimage with the Xperia 1 III smartphone.

With support for BT.2020 color gamut and 10-bit input, the headset uses Sony’s master monitor to create exact colour tones as intended by the creators.

Designed to be worn with glasses, the headset also offers support from the back of the head of the user and from above to ensure a stable fit while the user turns to look at 360-degree images. Moreover, DMM video, 360Channel, and video content supported by the Xperia View application can be viewed on the Xperia View VR headset with the help of compatible applications. Users can get these corresponding apps from Google Store.


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