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Sony Enters the Mobile Health Technology

Sony Enters the Mobile Health Technology:

Sony, one of the largest Electronics companies today, has finally joined the league of wearable technology. Sony is currently offering a business-to-business wearables solution to rival companies such as FitBit and Apple Watch.


The company has launched a platform, called mSafety which combines a connected wearable, a watch, with a cloud-based backend solution. It is to provide; purchasers with a healthcare system and app developers a ready-made platform to build remote health monitoring and mobile health applications.

The company usually offers medical technology for operating rooms and medical imaging. But this is the first time ever, it has attempted to make a mobile, wearable device. Sony’s approach to the expanding, wearable technology is rather different from the usual consumer-faced wearables we have witnessed so far. This product is a business-to-business solution which is particularly made to cater to industry partners. And they can further develop and customize this and scale their own applications according to the company’s requirement.

Sony’s watch is not a smartwatch. It can however monitor heartrate and sleep positions. Developers can add their own features to create a unique healthcare solution catering to their users. It also has a Bluetooth interface, to connect to external devices.

The Idea

Anders Strömberg, head of the wearable platform department at network communications, Europe, in Sony Group said:

“It’s a user-friendly, IoT wearable that doesn’t need nearby access to a phone. It’s designed for healthcare use cases to provide continuous monitoring for people living with chronic health conditions, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease, or for at-risk seniors living in their own homes,”.

“The platform was built with a specific purpose in mind, to improve health and save lives,” he said.

Sony provides device fleet management support as well as over-the-air software updates and upgrades. It also includes amazing backend technology that can support complex algorithmic intelligence and data processing.

Sony wished to spread its extensive knowledge in IoT connectivity to enable healthcare companies to build out their applications without the development cost.

Currently Being Used:

The solution is currently being used by several companies in a company it is being used to remind patients to take their medicines. In another to collect movement data in order to alert the user at the risk of falling.

The wearable and mobile technology platform caters on several market needs by offering low-energy consumption using energy-efficient IoT connectivity which leads to long wearable battery life. The wearable device is always connected and includes bi-directional communication.

The company has focused on security and privacy with end-to-end data encryption ensuring privacy for data communication.













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