Solos Smart Cycling Glasses with Heads Up Micro-Display Aims To Make You Olympians


Smartglasses are one of the most important facets of the wearable tech. After Google Glass diminished from the wearable scene, many different companies made it their responsibility to keep the trend going on. This is why Solos has become one big hit name in the Smartglasses world.

Solos Smart Cycling Glasses with Heads Up Micro-Display

Solos is a pair of connected Smartglasses specifically designed to be worn by cyclists to learn their tactics. Solos claim to have the smallest heads up display. The display is much similar to that of the Google’s AR headset. With the help of these glasses, the cyclists will be able to keep a shot of their important data at all times. The users will be able to know the instant data regarding their heart rate, cadence, speed and power zone.

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Solos Smart Cycling Glasses with Heads Up Micro-Display

Solos has been designed to fit well on the cycling helmets for optimal peripheral vision. The specific display used has a screen which is four times larger than the original screen used. The glasses also match the biometrics of the eye and gives clear visuals to the users.

Solos Smart Cycling Glasses with Heads Up Micro-Display

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Solos will be able to pair well with the famous running apps like MapMyRide and Strava. It will offer navigation to the users along with Bluetooth connection and accessibility with ANT+ devices. This way the glasses will be able to pair with cycling tracking kit. There are also dual microphones and built-in microphones which will also support voice commands. The battery life of Solos is around 6 hours.

Solos has already been used by the US cycling team which is gearing its energy for the Summer Olympics in Rio. However, the device is up on Kickstarter and has already smashed it’s $50,000 target. With 33 days to go, you can also back the Smartglasses here. The retail price of the device would be $500, while, the users can pledge the wearable for just $250 now.