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SOLIDShot is a Basketball Smart Sleeve to help you perfect your game


We have seen an enormous growth in the adoption of sports technology in Basketball. Products such as Wilson X, ShotTracker and Vert have already shown success in this arena. The latest to enter this market is SOLIDShot, a wearable that was being refined for the last two years.

SOLIDShot aims to become your own personal basketball coach by wrapping itself to your elbow in the shape of a smart “sleeve”. The wearable then provide instant and personalized feedback of every shot using three sensors placed on player’s bicep, forearm and one on the hand. The sensor on the bicep tracks the position and orientation of the upper arm and shoulder. This detects the flatness in your shot or whether you have a hitch or not. The sensor on the forearm check if its went straight up, out or crooked in relation to your bicep and the lastly, the hand sensor detects the wrist and shot speed. This kind of analysis and the feedback was previously only possible using high-speed motion capturing system.

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“SOLIDshot is a phenomenal shooting system for both experienced and young, aspiring players that are serious about improving their shooting skills.” said Hall of Famer and 14-time NBA All-Star Jerry West.

The wearable also have an instant visual feedback provided media_app_photothrough three lights located at arm height, elbow and wrist. The blue indicators positive whereas red is for negative feedback. The wearable also boosts a speaker to give a more real-time detail analysis and it record all the analysis on the mobile app giving player an oppurtunity to analyse the training sessions in detail.

This innovative wearable was on 50% sale at $249 (retailed at $499) though the company is no longer accepting pre-orders. You can head to their website to register interest. The product will be shipped to buyers at the start of winter basketball season.