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Soldier to get fit with Fitbit!

Soldier to get fit with Fitbit!

Fitbit while remained in the authenticity crises for a long time, is finally emerging as the credible fitness tracker to many. The trackers by the company are being used by British soldiers to lose some extra fats and get into shape.

The need arose when the necessity to make soldiers fit became a dominant question in the military. It has been anticipated that the use of Fitbit trackers, name disclosed, will help the soldiers to get through their fitness tests.

The sources have revealed that within the years of 2011 and 2014, above than 32,000 male and female officers were unsuccessful in their fitness tests. Additionally, since 2002, the basic fitness test of about 60 soldiers has been completely discarded due to being overweight.

First of the infantry units has already distributed Fitbit fitness trackers among soldiers to make them active about the calories they burned and the number of steps they have taken, throughout the day, Mail reported.

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