Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Software Update Brings GPS Performance Tracking to Form Swim Goggles for Swimming

FORM Swimming Goggles are bringing a firmware update which will let the users track their metrics while swimming outdoors in open waters. This feature of GPS Open Water swimming will come via some of the Apple and Garmin Smart Watches.

FORM Swimming Goggles are a very interesting concept and these goggles have gotten mostly positive feedback so far. The experience provided by these see-through goggles far exceeds any experience provided smart watches in terms of accessibility and ease of use. Users are provided with an instant, real time feedback of their performance. This way, it is less likely to lose sight of your progress and you don’t even have to count laps anymore. A huge chunk of other information can be accessed right in the instant with these smart goggles as well.

“Open water capabilities are something that we’ve seen enormous demand for ever since we launched the FORM goggles last year,” said Dan Eisenhardt”. “Giving swimmers the ability to access performance metrics in both the pool and open water really completes the experience that we’re providing with the goggles.” Dan is the founder of FORM and also serving as the Chief Executive Officer there.

The experience offered by FORM Swim Goggles is not only limited to indoor pools anymore because an update will push this functionality to open waters as well. This firmware update is going to be completely free and it will most likely finds its way to you by the summer of this year. Compatible Smart Watches will be able to make a connection with these goggles to feed them real time information. This information will include metrics related to GPS connectivity like distance covered and pace of the wearer. Garmin 945, Finix 6 pro, Fenix 5 Plus and Apple Watches of Series 5,4 and 3 will be compatible with these goggles.

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