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Software Update Activates Huawei Band 4 SpO2 sensors

Huawei has finally rolled out software support for SpO2 sensor in a firmware update which has activated its SpO2 sensors in Huawei Band 4 smart fitness band. This sensors enables the smart device to take a measurement on the level of oxygen present in the blood stream of the wearer through their wrist.

The update has taken some time to come as it has been month since the launch of this fitness band. Huawei Band 4 was unveiled back in October of 2019, almost 8 months ago. This smart band offers all the necessary features to track daily basic activities and work out. Huawei Band 4 resembles Honor Band 5i a lot in many ways apart from their Home buttons which differ a little in terms of their shape and make.

Huawei Band 4 Pro was released just a few weeks after the release of Huawei Band 4 and it came with GPS, NFC and SpO2 from the start. The Pro version costed $60, twice as much as the original version which only costed $30. But now, Huawei Band 4 is getting SpO2 as well with v1.0.2.96 of software update. The size of this download only takes up 5.46MB of space.

Blood Oxygen saturation must be above 90% under all conditions according to health care professionals. A healthy person is expected to have their blood oxygen saturation above 96% normally. People having conditions like Sleep Apnea and troubled breathing can report lower numbers but over all this can be a cause of many serious undiagnosed conditions as well and therefore this feature comes in handy in notifying the user timely whether they need medical attention before its too late. Apart from this, other changes in this firmware update include an optimized user and workout experience, better alarm features and bug fixes including fixing display issues. Make sure your device is charged more than 20% before you put it on update.

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