Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Soccer Starts Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Raheem Sterling Invest in a Startup for Wearables

STATSports plans to take on wearable giants like to Fitbit, Garmin and Apple by securing investments from these premier league stars.

Three Lions international star soccer players Alex Oxlade-Chambelain and Raheem Sterling have managed to invest in STATSports, making them the first outside investors of this start up. STATSports is one of the front runner wearable maker for athletes and sports persons around the world. This investment has a valued the startup at well above 200 million pounds.

STATSports is a startup brand based in northern Ireland which makes a number of products in the wearable electronics category including vests that take town the metrics of the person wearing it. This start up was founded by Sean O’Connor and Alan Clarke back in 2008.

“We’ve never taken on investment before as we have been bootstrapped,” said Jarlath Quinn. “We’re getting investment from Alex and Raheem as they know the value of this technology better than anyone. We see it as a ringing endorsement.” He added. Jarlath Quinn is the Chief Global Strategist at STATSports.

STATSports is making all the move necessary to enter the market of wearable electronics and challenge big drivers of this market like Apple, Garmin and FItBit. It has not released any details about its financial performance except from saying that it has seen profit from last few years. Wearable electronics market generated around 25 billion dollars in revenue this year as reported by a research. And looking at how things are right now, this number is only expected to grow more.

“Along with my advisers we were impressed with STATSports’ upcoming plans. I see no reason that STATSports cannot be the next billion dollar- plus wearable company.” Raheem Sterling said in a statement.

Devices developed by STATSports are currently being used by professional soccer teams all over Europe including European soccer giants like Barcelona, Manchester United and Juventus.

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