Saturday, July 24, 2021

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Smartwatch by Facebook will come with AR Control and Detachable Camera

The Smartwatch by Facebook will come with AR Control and Detachable Cameras. According to The Verge, Facebook is very going to announce and launch its first ever smartwatch. This smartwatch will be innovative and designed per the latest technological schemas. it will reportedly come with two detachable cameras and can be used as an AR control.

facebook smartwatch

The detachable cameras can be dispatched from the main unit as soon as the user wants to take a snap. The snap can at once be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp via the Facebook App. Both these cameras will be enclosed in a stainless steel case. The front-facing camera will basically be used for making video calls whereas the rear mounted camera will be the main one to capture shots and videos up to 1080p.

Besides this, the Smartwatch by Facebook will act as a controller in all future augmented reality projects launched by Facebook. The expected release date being sometime in the next year 2022, the smartwatch will contain all health and wellness-related features like other smartwatches in the market. Still, in its early stages of development, the masterminds behind the project want to create a masterpiece that is “truly useful”.

Recently, Facebook also announced a similar type of ‘controller’ that would be able to detect hand movements based on nerve signals. The social media giant has already put a powerful step in the VR field, that has pushed low-cost VR to be implemented in simple low-frame computers that do not always require an expensive setup. Although Augmented Reality is different from Virtual Reality, we expect Facebook to meet the standards of the market and create a well-respected gadget that will be bound to create a stir.

This new Smartwatch by Facebook is supposed to come in white, black, and gold colors. It is said that it might come near the price range of $399.99. An official announcement regarding the design and features is yet to come from the company. As soon as more details are up, we will update you more on this item. Meanwhile, read more about the VR glasses by Facebook.


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