Thursday, June 6, 2024

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Smart Wearables Brand has developed 3D printed wearables for feet

A really futuristic product that has hit the wearables market which will surely make a lot of brands to rethink their strategies and realign their priorities. This product, which goes by the name of WIIVV, has started to develop footwear by 3D printing them according their specific needs of the users. Aaron Tremble, the executive of WIIVV explained the working and innovation about this product and how it is going to change the game in the global wearables market.

According to Tremble, WIIVV is a technology which will bring custom-fit soles, scandals and shoes to you just with the help of your phones. This product is developed in association with Dr.Scholl’s. Any custom made footwear is just a click away from your phones now and you don’t have to do any odd or unnecessary stuff on your phone like stepping on it or something as some might even consider it crazy. All you have to do is snap a few photos of your feet to your phone and the programs turns those photos into 3D models. These 3D models print the product with exactly the same specifications as those symmetrical feet of yours.

Collaboration with Dr.Scholl’s has given a great push to WIIVV in kickstarting  its campaign but also at the same time, it has challenged it a lot in adjusting to the environment of a much larger company. Consumers have showed a lot of interest in WIIVV and with its association with Dr.Scholl’s, this interest has only grown further. The thought of custom made products designed specifically for you is always a pleasant one and now getting a custom made product has become easier than ever with 3D printers. The precision with which WIIVV works is something beyond amazing itself. It really comes down to millimeters in its designing precision.

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