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Smart Wearable T-shirt To Monitor Heart Rate & Take A Regular ECG

New in the markets these days, is the Smart Wearable T-shirt To Monitor Heart Rate & Take A Regular ECG. This surely indicates that smart clothes are really paving in. in fact, the era of smart clothes has begun!

A few researchers from Rice University, under the leadership of Lauren Taylor, have been capable of creating a smart T-shirt for any human being. The special thing about this simple-looking piece of clothing is that it is capable of continuously monitoring the heart rate of the wearer. Moreover, it can also take an Electrocardiogram (ECG) of the wearer.

Design Of The T-Shirt

According to Lauren Taylor, the T-shirt must be snug against the chest for the best and accurate results. Therefore, the team decided to use athletic wear which is tighter around the chest. And exactly fits on the body.

The material is woven from fine carbon nanotubes. These are strong and conductive, and very flexible. These filaments are really thin and delicate, and hence, a rope-making device is used to bundle the filaments together. These bundles are transformed into a thread, which is finally used to make the cloth. The cloth, so obtained is soft, washable, and resilient. Finally, a zigzag-like pattern is made at the end so that the fabric can stretch without breaking.

The shirt produced as a result is being tested vigorously. Already, it has been connected to a commercial heart rate monitor while FDA-approved equipment recorded the ECG from the T-shirt. The data was sent to different cardiologists for a complete analysis and check.

This Smart Wearable T-shirt To Monitor Heart Rate & Take A Regular ECG has a lot of applications in the health and wellness sector, sports and entertainment sector, and also the wearable tech sector.  This is just the beginning, as mentioned earlier. Much more exciting and smart wearable clothing will be coming soon in the future.


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