Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Smart Thermometers Provide Overall View of the Spread of COVID-10 throughout United States

Smart thermometers with an ability to track and monitor fevers are being used to track and fight the spread of corona virus. A map shows the spread of this illness in real time all over the United States.

Corona Virus has rapidly spread all over the world and just in a matter of few months, entire continent of Europe is affected by it. Right now, United States is seeing the worst consequences of this pandemic out of all the countries that have been affected so far. More than 215,000 people have been on the receiving end of this crisis.

Resembling a lot to an everyday flu, this pandemic comes with many deceiving symptoms like high fever. This fact is being used by a thermometer network to provide unparalleled information about the spread of this condition all over United States and the pattern it is following. These thermometers are being manufactured by a brand that goes by the name of Kinsa.

Kinsa introduced us to its first smart thermometers which were certified by the FDA 7 years ago in 2013. Kinsa has continuously been developing ground-breaking technology ever since. QuickCare is the latest product developed by this brand. It is a smart wireless thermometer approved by FDA for children and adults. It reads the temperature for 8 seconds rectally, orally and from under the armpit by simply just pressing a button. One million of these smart thermometers have been sold already by Kinsa all over the United States.

“..since March 1 we’ve seen a very strong correlation between cumulative atypical illness incidence and positive COVID-19 tests (at the state level) in terms of geographies affected and timing within affected geographies,” reads on the company website. “Which suggests that our data provides a useful indication of where COVID-19 may likely be occurring.”

These smart thermometers by Kinsa are working in sync with smartphone applications and data provided by them is analysed by experts. Originally this data was reviewed only to analyse and review flu and fever hotposts but it is now proving to be very beneficial in understanding the span of COVID-19. This date is most certainly fascinating to have a look at and hopefully it would help the healthcare system running the country as well in order to devise a plan against such a rapid spread of this illness.

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