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Smart rings – Accessories which keeps you connected


Smart rings are projected to edge their way into mainstream at an annual rate of more than 4% in the next four years.

Technology has decreased in size and it has definitely increased in power. This ring, for instance, is very small but has immense power. This decrease in size and growth in power has made smart wearable accessories which are worn on your fingers, less challenging. According to a report submitted by Technavio, manufacturers are decreasing sizes of their products along with introducing smaller versions of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This ongoing trend could continue to drive growth prospects in upcoming years.

Chetan Mohan, who is an analyst at Technavio, has said that progress in the field of microelectronics could help in making smart rings with great features and higher utility. This growth in technology could also attract new users who are not that familiar with the wearable technology and that would eventually result in great deal of penetration into the market.

There has been a great number of early entrants to this market, which includes Kerv Wearables, Mota, NFC Ring, Vinaya Nimb, Logbar, TheTouch X and Oura.

Some of these devices also enables you to get notifications from your cellular device safely tucked in your bag or your pocket. Many of these gadgets are also able to precise and analyze data of your body’s vital signals because your fingers have easy to sense arteries. Some devices are also used to unlock your smartphones, doors and also for sending SOS messages. They have great potential but they are still on the verge of finding broad acceptance among users.

Some smart rings also have Bluetooth which forms the greatest segment of the current crop of gadgets, largely because of their ability to be integrated easily with smartphones. Last year, many Smart rings were used for notification purposes by application and this feature will now continue to dominate for a couple of more years.

Source: GadgetsandWearables