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Smart Ring to Help You in Emergency Situation

Technology has been branching out itself to such an unbelievable extent. One day we think there can’t be any more innovation after this, the other day a startup launches another mindboggling gadget. The race is interminable.  We have seen smart jewelry and watches to serve as protective devices.

Now a startup  Be Wear launched its smart ring the Loop. Owing to its name, the ring forms a security loop for you and helps you notify your location coordinates to 5 friends and family if you find yourself in a nasty or harmful situation.

The Loop is a fashionable and voguish piece of jewelry designed to blend well with well-dressed and stylish looking ladies.

It pairs with any smartphone to send you notifications through its feature button on its side.

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Regarding the story behind development of this gadget, Carlos Zamorano, founder of Be Wear and creator of Loop said, “Emergency situations are not always what you expect. One winter morning, my wife slipped when walking down the stairs. She was carrying my then-infant son, who fell headfirst onto the ground. Completely panicked, my wife ran to the emergency room without taking the time to warn me. Thankfully, my son turned out okay, but I couldn’t be there for him or my wife when they needed me the most because I didn’t find out about it until hours later. That’s why I created Loop.”

The Loop is lightweight, water-resistant, and manufactured from hypoallergenic metal. It operates via Bluetooth. The app utilizes around 5% battery of a phone at average and can connect to your device at a maximum distance of six feet.

The Loop is up on Kickstarter, with a funding goal of $50,000. Be Wear plans to start shipments in September 2017.

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