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“Smart” New Yoga Pants For Men

What’s New?

Whenever we think of yoga pants, we think of women. Wearable X is planning to change that. In the last few years, we have witnessed wearables industry to kind of revolve around smart watches and yet still budding into a diverse range of products from shoes to headbands.

Nadi X Yoga

We know now that wearables isn’t just about wearing something with a piece of technology, it is about a more holistic approach to health. Keeping that in view, Wearable X has launched a kickstarter campaign last year called Nadi X, which is a collection of smart yoga clothes with embedded technology.


Nadi X came with an additional device and app for IPhone users called Pulse. The “Pulse” contains the battery and bluetooth module chips that is clipped behind the upper left knee to avoid any hindrance during a yoga session.

A New Look

They recently came out with 4 new designs, including a menswear line and a more user-friendly, redesigned app with enhanced features.

According to Billie Whitehouse, Founder and CEO, “With Nadi X you not only have convenience but haptics increase reaction time and make you feel more accountable not only through the instant reaction but also through the progress tracking. Our data is more sophisticated than most because we have 5 data points. Most only have one. Single data is what I call ‘dirty data’. It’s just not a thorough look at the true movements that are taking place.”

The latest updates allow the users to create the perfect playlists for their yoga flow and allows progress tracking as well. Orders can be placed here.



Laraib Zafar
A final year med student, tripping on tea, trying to figure out how to adult.

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