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Smart Life: Smart Clothing to keep to keep you happy


Smart Life is the company which is working very hard to solve all your daily life fitness related issues. The company came into being when geniuses from The University of Manchester’s Biomedical Engineering Department and the Textile Department of UMIST joined hands to design and develop the most advanced and seamless wearable technology possible.

Smart Life has been active in creating Smart Garments for all. It monitors all your body data with the help of its improved and smart sensors. After collecting the desired data, it pushes you to lead a smart and healthy lifestyle. The garments and clothing produced by the Smart life incorporates three major features which record your essential body data. The data collected is lab-accurate.

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As soon as you get dressed in the Smart Life clothing, the patented softsensors inserted with the help of modern garments and the combination of patented SmartLife Brain, and a user-friendly app will convey all the data to you. Collaborating with the electric signals produced by your body and measuring the essentials through built-in accelerometer, Smart Life gives you a detailed feedback of respiratory rate, heart rate; calories burned and track your activities etc.

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The data provided let you know, when you are pushing your body to the maximum limit or when you need to work a bit more. After capturing the data instantly, the patented sensors send the data to the connected Smartphone with the help of Bluetooth. The data is shifted to the Cloud from the app. “The Brain” which is the brainchild of the Smart clothing by the company. It is compatible with all the smart garments.

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Smart life wearable is very simple to use. The patented softsensors are sewn in such a way that you won’t even feel that you are wearing something that is capable of performing miracles. Smart Life is the best wearable garment for professional to mild fitness geeks. It measures the data correctly and gives you a real-time feedback. Such clothing is definitely worth your money.


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