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Smart Hand & Wrist Wearables Allow Better Performance in Tokyo Olympics 2021

With cutting-edge technology of the modern times, Olympic Games of the future are surely going to be revolutionised.


Recently seen, usage of smart hand & wrist wearables allow better performance in Tokyo Olympics 2021. In fact, games and sports have totally revolutionized with the use of high-end technology and wearables.


Omega, the famous Swiss watchmaker, is responsible for collecting athletes’ data during the Games. They have attached small sensors to all athletes’ shirts. These sensors will collect and analyze approximately 2,000 sets of data per second, such as speed or points of acceleration.

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During the event of beach volleyball, an AI camera will measure where the ball has been tossed. Also, it will track how high the player jumped to catch the ball. This similar kind of technology will be used to analyze the performance of the players in sports like high jump, cycling, swimming, and gymnastics. This data will further be shared with the athletes and their coaches for future training programs. “Our technology can measure the whole performance of a player,” said Alain Zobrist, CEO of Omega Timing.
Furthermore, the usage of smartwatches and fitness trackers has already assisted in the training and practice sessions of these players. Now each player with their own hand wearable can keep track of their own individual speed, time taken to complete a lap, their breathing and pulse rate, heart rate, and distance covered so far. This data is particularly useful for the player’s own benefits.
TrackMan, a Danish sports tech company, has created a device for the Japan baseball team that can analyze each hit or pitch. It can measure speed, spin rate, spin axis, release angles, and other such relevant data. This data comes in very handy, especially to the coach who can determine the performance of the pitcher if it’s up to the mark. As far as batting is concerned, TrackMan captures exit velocity, spin rate, 3D contact point, launch angle, launch direction, and distance. This device has now made way in Major League Baseball, as well as other baseball leagues in South Korea and Taiwan.
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Digital tools are useful in managing athletic conditioning. The One Tap Sports app, which is a health management app, is being used by 45% of Japanese athletes taking part in the Olympics this year. This app is responsible for keeping track of the overall data of the user.

The record of data and its analysis is really helpful, and it will surely lay a huge impact on the future happenings in the sports sector. Future Olympics are surely going to be more advanced as far as technological implications are concerned.

It has indeed been seen at the Tokyo Olympics 2021, that the usage of smart hand & wrist wearables has improved the performance of players.


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