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Smart Halo Wristband Wearable by Amazon – Debut gadget in Wearable Industry

Very recently, Amazon has introduced its debut health gadget in the wearable industry, and that is the Smart Halo Wristband Wearable. A very basic fitness band, it comes with a supporting app to which users have to subscribe to. It has the capability of making a 3D model of your body to track body fat.

Without a screen display, the Halo wristband has a lot to offer its users! It can track heart rate, monitor sleep activity and track the emotional tone in your voice. Moreover, the user can subscribe to the Halo App for a vast range of partner apps. These can help you with meditation, improve lifestyle habits or try out a new exercise course. It definitely is not a ‘medical device’ but it can ensure to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle!


Simply install the Halo App in your smartphone. Now, stand atleast 6 feet in front of the phone’s camera.The app will take four photos (front, back and two sides) and send them to Amazon servers. There a 3D scan of the body is created and initial data deleted for privacy concerns.

Halo takes four different photos of your body.
Halo scans your body with four photos.

Amazon has a special algorithm that helps to analyze the 3D scan so obtained. Next, it calculates the body fat percentage to indicate the health status of the user. Also, it has the capability of showing you how exactly you will look like with lesser amount of body fat. There are certain limitations here, as this feature can be used by people of 18 years of age or older. Also, those if body fat percentage is too low, then the app does not display the amount. Since, that is one of the very serious health concerns and the user must visit the doctor in such a case.

Halo App can track the emotional content of your voice tone.



There is a minute microphone resent on the Halo Wristband. This is used to listen to the user’s voice. As soon as the voice is fed into the system, the band will analyze your tone on certain metrics. These metrics are related to your daily lifestyle and mood like the positivity in your tone, the energy and strength. It will indicate if you are happy, sad, anxious, depressed, fed up  or hopeful. For privacy reaaons, the band is not hearing all the time. in fact, there’s a choice for the user. Whenever you want to analyze your voice tone, you can unmute the mic. According to Amazon, none of the voice snippets remain active on the servers. Instead, they are all deleted immediately after the scan for privacy concerns.

The Halo App can be used alongside this smart wristband

The Halo app’s main screen.



The Smart Halo Wristband Wearable by Amazon – Debut gadget in Wearable Industry is most useful for tracking activity and monitoring sleeping patterns. You can use it to count the number of steps you have taken, your heart rate and sleeping hours. The best thing about the Halo band is that its heart monitor can differentiate between three different modes of activity: light, moderate or intense.

Halo’s Activity Track feature

Being capable of tracking each physical activity like running, walking and exercise, it can also monitor the way you sleep. It records the number of hours of deep sleep and inactive sleep. It maintains a weekly activity score and it will keep you informed if you are increasing the score or being sedentary and reducing your score.

Halo App Sleep Tracking Feature

Halo’s sleep tracking feature.


This smart wristband by Amazon, the Halo is available for pre-order in the USA . Its accompanying app can be subscribed at an annual $130. Subscription can be renewed at $3.99 per month after every 6 months. You can check out this item here.

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