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“Smart” Cricket Ball Will Revolutionize The Game Of Cricket


The latest addition in the cricket world is the “Smart” Cricket Ball. Many questions arise in our minds as soon as we hear about this smart ball… Why is it called a Smart Cricket Ball? Does it appear to be different from a regular ball? Does it improve performance, if so how? Here’s all that you would like to know about it.

What is a smart cricket ball?

A smart cricket ball has an embedded chip inside it that allows data and information to flow from inside the ball. This data flows to a set of computers which help to translate the performance and assist in providing special stats during the broadcast.

One such ball named the Kookaburra Smart Ball is to make its debut appearance in a match really soon. It looks just like a regular ball used for a cricket match and will play the same too. Except that with a chip inside it, it has more data points than radar or ball-tracking technology.

What Metrics can the Smart Ball measure?

The Smart Ball has applications in various different types of sports. As far as concerned, it can measure:

  • The speed and revolutions of the bowler at the release point (the moment the hand lets go)
  • The Pre-Bounce speed and revolutions (just before it hits the pitch)
  • The Post-Bounce speed (the reading after the ball hits the pitch)
  • The exact degree of Bounce, Swing, Drift, and Dip.
  • The speed and revolutions of the ball from the hands of the bowler till the boundary line.

Difference between a Smart Ball & a regular ball

There’s absolutely no difference between a smart ball and a regular ball, as far as appearance and look are concerned. Its size, bouncing capability, and even weight are the same. Even the performance of the ball and the players does not vary with the usage of this ball. Only except, that this ball has the capability to measure the speed and submit all relevant statistics post-delivery for broadcast purposes.

Availability & Usage of the Smart Ball

This smart ball is said to make a debut in a match really soon, but its complete availability is so far unknown. Still, in its testing and trial phase, researchers are analysing its wear-and-tear issues to confirm its longevity. Whether it can perform through an intense playing condition or breakthrough, that is the question. In several centres across the globe, this particular gadget is being tested before it can be used generally in international cricket matches.


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