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‘Smart’ Clothes with Sensors Can be used for Sports Training

‘Smart’ Clothes with Sensors Can be used for Sports Training and that is our future mode of garments. Can you believe it? Researchers have discovered a way to weave sensors into the fabric and apply machine learning to movement patterns.

So just like you can wear ‘Wearable’ technology either on your wrists or fingers or heads, similarly you can wear such smart clothes that can provide you with relevant data regarding your performance in sports and physical training.

This research group is from the most popular Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. According to the research done by them, the fabric can be woven into clothes which can determine the current action of the person wearing it. This will be highly applicable in sports and medical fields where either the players’ or patients’ details are examined.

smart clothes

Whether the player is playing or a patient is sleeping, the sensors would sense and indirectly monitor the well being and physical activity of the user. The sensing unit is enabled by the functional fibre. This fibre is first fabricated and then incorporated into a textile through an industrial digital knitting machine. The process is a little bit complicated, of course. Researchers are making advancements in this field currently and working out ways to optimise the functional fibre. Also, steps will be taken in the future to develop mass production of this type of fabric to cater to the needs of millions across the globe.

The number of sensors varies in different garments. A full size vest has 1024 sensors, while a sock has only 672 sensors per sock. Machine learning from the sensors is conducted on an open-source framework PyTorch, which the researchers use to design their own algorithm.

This is definitely the fabric of the future. It promises many possibilities for the future of healthcare, sporting and gaming. People are waiting for these ‘Smart’ Clothes with Sensors to help them in everyday life.


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