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Smart Clothes For Cyclists At Tokyo Olympics 2021

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Recently seen, were some really elegant and smart clothes for cyclists At Tokyo Olympics 2021. In the event of track cycling, everybody’s eyes were on the team of New Zealand cyclists, who were wearing latex skinsuits. These skinsuits looked like they were made from plastic, and the design seemed like that from the 1970s.

Designed by the Champion System’s Aero Project Speed Suit, these latest skinsuits by the cyclists were their new customized design made especially for them.

New Zealand released a video describing the design details in the new suit.

After two years of research and development to create the fastest speed suit that would reduce drag, the Champion System was successful in creating a masterpiece!

Giving a good, comfortable fit, defining shape and features, and strategically designed with panels and strips, the skinsuit has all features of an ideal suit for a cyclist. A latex coat is applied to the suit after the finish to create a smooth surface with no creases, wrinkles, or seams. Such a surface with the proper shape will give the effect of an aerodynamic skinsuit.

This entire suit, its fabric, and design were completely legal, as per the technical regulations stated by the Olympics Committee.

Champion System came up with their own custom fabric and then created prototypes for testing. Each prototype varied in latex coating and trip strips location and panels. They used rider-mannequins to test each of the prototype, and in this way, the most optimal suit was prepared that was capable of giving the most speed to the athlete.

“If you imagine your normal jersey can stretch, once we put the latex coating on it has the effect of shrinking the jersey,” said CEO of Champion Systems, “While we need to account and fit for this, that shrinking is also good as it creates a very nice fit. The fabric still has some stretch in it to help the riders getting into it, but importantly it has that tight and close feel.”

The company claimed that this new speed suit can provide a wattage saving of “more than 2.5% versus a standard skinsuit”. That amounts to around 10-15 watts for some of the most powerful riders.

However, with this new suit, the New Zealand women’s team could only manage the sixth position. One reason might be reduced breathability. “You wouldn’t use this suit in a long hot Tour de France road stage – it’s just too hot, it’s not designed for that,” he said, “We are looking at using it at other road events, time trials, etc. We still looking at options to include this in road suits.”

The company says that these new smart clothes for cyclists will be available to all athletes at a global level, and gradually they will sell it at a commercial level. Priced at around AU$2900, the suit will be available very soon to all, after the mega Olympics event comes to an end.


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