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Smart Brain-Monitoring Wearable To Detect Sleep Stroke can actually save people’s lives!

Launched recently, is a Smart Brain-Monitoring Wearable To Detect Sleep Stroke which can actually save people’s lives! This wearable, designed by a group of scientists at Zeit Medical, can identify a stroke at a very early stage and give a warning. This warning can lead to the quick action of taking the patient to the hospital before the stroke becomes serious.

The best thing about this wearable is probably the fact that it can identify any signs of danger even while the patient is sleeping. While deep sleep, the patient is totally unaware of any symptoms and he may not be vigilant enough. If a patient is at risk, he can keep wearing this wearable, especially during sleeping hours. The wearable can prevent him from suffering from a “wake-up stroke”.

zeit brain monitoring wearableTwo persons, namely Orestis Vardoulis and Urs Naber initiated Zeit. They were concerned about the delay between a 911 call regarding a stroke and the person getting the treatment. “It used to be that you couldn’t do anything, but suddenly it really mattered how fast you got to the hospital,” said Naber. “As soon as the stroke hits you, your brain starts dying, so time is the most crucial thing. People have spent millions shrinking the time between the 911 call and transport, and from the hospital door to treatment. but no one is addressing those hours that happen before the 911 call — so we realized that’s where we need to innovate.”

The trivial thing here is to initiate the process of being hospitalized as soon as possible so treatment and medication could begin before the matter becomes severe. This smart wearable can help the person act “smart”. With its warnings in advance, the user can at once rush for treatment.

There is a difference between a normal ECG and an ECG of a patient. The nurses can be trained on the specific patterns that they can see with their eyes. This wearable has been designed after thorough medical research and a clinical study. It has a built-in EEG that monitors the signals to the brain.

A corresponding app on the smartphone analyses the signals and checks them against a preloaded set of wave patterns. If there are any abnormalities an alarm is sent to the user and his caretakers (if any). Setting can be done such that an automatic call reaches 911.

The plan right now is that the testing phase is still being carried out by the company. This testing process is being done with patients who have already had had one stroke and now they are high-risk patients – there are chances that another stroke may follow. Users are wearing their headband wearables at night while maintaining their apps on their smartphones. Very soon, this Smart Brain-Monitoring Wearable To Detect Sleep Stroke will be used for commercial sale and supplied to different parts of the world. It has n unlimited usage and scope in the health and wellness sector.


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