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Smart Baseball bat will change the way player train

The world of baseball practicing, training, coaching and even the real game is going to be different from today onward. Zepp, along with Old Hickory and Mike Trout have introduced a bat that can incorporate a sensor within itself to help the players monitor different aspects of their swing.


Instead of a clip-on accessory for the bat, this time it is a 30.8 x 28 mm cavity within the knob of the bat itself that will be the new home of the removable sensor. And even though, you can really remove it for charging, you don’t necessarily have to do it; thanks to the magnetic charger at the end of the base. What’s more? When you put it inside and play your game, you won’t even realize it is there.

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Before we go any further into details of the smart bat, Mike Trout is one of the best players in Major League Baseball in the past few years and he absolutely loves Old Hickory’s bats. Old Hickory, established in 1999, with over 35 years of experience produces the finest quality bats.

The device will includes dual accelerometers and a 3-axis gyroscope and ultra low Bluetooth for communication. The analytics will be displayed on the Zepp software which will then enable the athletes to view into easily understood  metrics: Bat Speed Impact, Hand Speed Max, Time to Impact, Attack Angle, and Bat Vertical Angle. This app can be installed on any android and/or apple device. All of this provides real time statistics to the players, helping them improve their swing

Mike Trout had been working with Zepp since 2014 and in late 2015, they agreed over digitization of the sports with the sensor based hardware. Today, The Mike Trout Old Hickory Smart Bat was introduced at the Angels’ Spring Training facility in Tempe, AZ. Zepp CEO Robin Han believes “We have the potential to change the way players train as we know it”. Travis Copley, VP of Sales and Marketing for Old Hickory feels that this will be baseball’s “next big thing.”

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The good news is that amateur baseball events by Perfect Game USA and Ripken Baseball have agreed for using the bat while in the game.

The trend-setter smart bat will be available for purchase in June so it is a few months away until baseball, tennis and golf lovers can get their hands on it. It is definitely worth the wait.

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