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‘Smart Bandage’ For Remote Monitoring Of Patient’s Health

Recently developed is the ‘Smart Bandage’ For Remote Monitoring Of Patient’s Health. Being tested by health workers and researchers in Singapore, this bandage can be used on patients with chronic venous or leg ulcers.

Benefit? Patients with chronic wounds can be monitored remotely through a corresponding app on a mobile device, saving the patient from repeated visits to the doctor.

VeCare bandageDeveloped at the National University Of Singapore, the VeCare bandage has a sensor and microchip components attached to a transparent bandage. It can track progress in healing based on information like temperature, bacteria type, levels of pH, and inflammation.

According to the health department, the only traditional way to examine the wound or ulcer is through a physical inspection. But now, with this revolutionized technology, the clinician can keep track of the patients wound and be well informed about their progress via the app. This will definitely save time for both the doctor and the patient. Not to mention the long waiting session for the doctor’s appointment.

So far, the testing phase for this smart bandage has been successful. It is now being decided to test this bandage for other types of wounds like diabetic foot ulcers. This type of wearable will have numerous applications in the health and fitness sector. A truly innovative wearable, the  ‘Smart Bandage’ For Remote Monitoring Of Patient’s Health seems to be the gadget that will transform the global health monitoring system.


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