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SmackCap protects the player from head injuries and concussions

SmackCap protects the sports player from head injuries and concussions

Concussion is one of the biggest problems the athletes have to face when it comes to games and injuries. However, there is a chance that football can become safer with SmackCap. The Pressure Analysis Company (PAC) Albuquerque, New Mexico-based company, has created this product to find out if that hits on the athletes’ head is worth further investigation or not.

With SmackCup, PAC is working to make football safer and convenient with adding a database of information which will make it easier for wearable to know which kind of hit hurts athlete the most.

SmackCup is basically a skullcap which consists of built-in pressure sensors. As soon as the player wears it, every hit to the head is recorded with exact prevision and accuracy and the data is sent to the Smartphone app instantly.

In an interview with KOAT7 News, PAC CEO Michelle Urban stated,

Any time they’re hit, we can show where, how hard, and how many times on their head that they’ve been hit

All the data collected is over time and is stored so that the coaches and athletes can keep a record of the injuries players had to face during the game. It is quite beneficial that SmackCup has taken this step because concussions have become a very serious problems for the athletes, all over the world. Finally they might see a ray of hope to save their careers.

Pricing and launch details will soon be revealed.

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