Sleepman: The First Sleep Enhancement and Fatigue Alert Wearable


Sleeping at a proper time with proper concentration is necessary for all. However, it is more than necessary for players and athletes whose performance depends on their rest and activeness. This is why more and more devices are streaming into the fitness and the sports world to make sleep easier for all. Sleepman has now come up with its own wearable to track the sleep of the users.

Sleepman is a bio-signal monitoring wristwatch featuring smart alarm with the unique sleep enhancement and fatigue detection options! Sleepman is the world’s first all-in-one wearable gadget that gives you Bio-Smart Alarm with unique functions.

Sleepman: The First Sleep Enhancement & Fatigue Alert Wearable

The device has Sleep Enhancer which improves your sleep efficiency and Power Nap Alarm that offers a quick recharge when you feel tired or drowsy. There is even a Doze-Off Alert for early fatigue detection featuring driving mode, office mode and much more.

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 Sleepman monitors your brain activity through Electro-Dermal Activity (EDA) sensors on your wrist – the information it collects are your brain’s unique bio-signals. The advanced EDA bio-signal tracking algorithms that are used by Sleepman have been thoroughly tested and optimized for more than two decades. Your sleep stages alternate continually during the night and are constantly monitored by Sleepman. It detects when you’re in your lightest sleep stage and wakes you up within a 20-minute window of your alarm.

Sleepman: The First Sleep Enhancement & Fatigue Alert Wearable

Sleep Enhancer is a sleep intensifying massager designed to make your sleep more restful. It is a small external electrode with a sticky gel pad which plugs into Sleepman device and attaches to your palm. While you sleep, the device emits series of micro-current impulses which help to increase deep sleep from around 13 – 20% of overall sleep time to about 35 – 40%.

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On the other hand, Sleepman Doze-Off Alert is designed for the early detection of fatigue to keep you safer whether you drive a car, operate heavy machinery or involved in any other alertness-demanding activity. Sleepman is much more than a device trying to make you sleep. It has a panic mode, children mode tending to their needs and also doubles as a heart rhythm monitor and an activity tracker.

Sleepman: The First Sleep Enhancement & Fatigue Alert Wearable

Coming to the Smartphone app, the InsomniZap is an application that helps the users when they have difficulty to fall asleep. The application can be installed on an iOS or Android device and features a series of pictures and activities that link directly to the Sleepman device.

Sleepman is currently up in a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of reaching $50,000. If the crowdfunding succeeds, the product will be available by 2017.