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Sleep Aiding Headset, Kokoon EEG Are Available in Market Now

Kokoon, a brand based in London has officially unveiled EEG-enabled headset for sleep aiding few days ago.

Sleep issues have seen a hike with ever increasing integration of technology in our lives. To assist you in this battler, Kokoo launched a pair of wireless headset that could help you in falling asleep. This headset is crafted of a very soft and comfortable material which is validated with clinical techniques and carries noise cancelling in three layers which include cancelling White noise as well.

It has been six years since the formation of this outfit and their founder, Tim Antos, had a history of struggling with insomnia. Tim Antos eventually got himself enrolled for a CBT-I programme in a sleep clinic. It was there that he learned to transform his bad habits and thoughts which were standing between him and his sleep.

“I wanted to make all this knowledge, all these great tools I learnt in the sleep clinic more accessible to the everyday consumer to use on their own terms”

This headset is also accompanied by an application for smartphones which keeps a track of your sleep and offers help with techniques and methods developed by professionals which could assist you in making your sleep better. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is also a part of this which is considered the most important technique for insomnia treatment.

If you are struggling in having a good night sleep which is keeping you from being productive and making the most out of your day then Kokoon EEG may be the solution for your problem. This headset also works as normal headphones and enables you in listening to your favourite music as well. It also has a built in microphone that lets you to take hands-free calls as well. Kokoon EEG can be purchased from Amazon only fro $349.

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